Motley crew

Dear Editor,

If unwell, ask to be restored to the perfection from which you emanated. Not well is the town of Warren, PA 16365. You are you, collectively — the citizens.

What is ill? Taxes. Way too high due to unionized cops/firemen — way overpaid for level of responsibility carried.

Why? Not one on city council or candidates running are worth a damn and you people can not get anyone worthy to fix the ailment.

Why of the why. So-called Republicans, mayor/councilmen (?), are moderates, at best, who are the nemesis of the Republican Party — The Swamp.

The old Democrat, Frazier, and the new candidates running (Baxter, Giannini, Ristau) support Hillary Clinton. It does not get any worse, but it will _ tax and spend through the roof. Look at the eight years of mistrust by Obama and company — lie upon lie personified. How can a voter vote for a Democrat?

Karen Davis can. To wit, her stupid hand-ween scare, take your brain to the polls, 10-30-17… Deviation to get Democrats on council.

Forewarned is forearmed. So, to vote or not to vote?

Always a choice,

John L. Erickson,