‘Thank you’

Dear Editor,

After reading the article about the students of the Tidioute Community Charter School who participated in the Allegheny River Clean-up, I feel a “Thank You” would be appropriate to them and to all the volunteers who helped clean the waterways of our area. Through their efforts we can all enjoy more pristine, healthy and scenic views when traveling on or near the Conewango Creek, the Allegheny River and their tributaries, Kinzua Reservoir and the Dam area. We are so blessed with the natural beauty all around us.

Another group of equally hard working volunteers are the people who gave up their time to pick up the litter along our highways and byways. The incredible number of garbage bags alone the berm of the area roads lately are a testament to their back-breaking efforts. Without the dedication of these volunteers, our roadways and waterways would be disgusting.

Our area is blessed to have so many people with the spirit of “volunteerism”. They offer their time, talents and effort to make things happen without thought of compensation. Their satisfaction comes from a job well done. We all benefit from their willingness to step up and “make a difference”. They are the unsung heroes who really need to be recognized for all they do to make life better for everyone. I would like to say to each and every volunteer, no matter what you have volunteered to do, “Thank You! Without what you do, there is so much that would never happen! You are a vital part in making our area the wonderful place we all enjoy. Thank you — to each and every one of you — thank you for volunteering!”

Pat Leach,