Displaced workers?

Dear Editor,

Anyone who may have read previous posts by me understands which side of the fence (read wall) I am on. To support my claims that legal entry into the US is difficult (read impossible), expensive, and rarely granted, I offer the following news article. To summarize, a legal immigrant runs a landscaping business in Denver and can not hire, nor keep, American citizens as workers. The reason is not some plot to hire his “compadres”, nor the fact he pays low wages. Quite the contrary as he regularly hires Americans and pays them well.

They can’t take the heat. Nor the back-breaking labor. So they quit.

So he brings workers into the country on H-2B Visas, worker’s Visas, which are expensive and likely to be in short supply if my President has his way.

The article is quite long and I doubt most will bother, but that belies the fact that most ‘Merkins don’t really want to face the truth.

We need immigrants. Immigrants are part and parcel of our fabric as Americans. The fact the humans in question are brown should not matter.

Google Washington Post, or Plan to hire Americans backfires, should you care.


Scott R. Blume,