Rte. 337

Dear Editor,

Rte 337 has had nothing major done to it for many years. The sides of the pavement are broken up, pot holes, etc. Now to add to this deteriorating road, “speed bumps” were added this summer. Having traveled through the Cherry Grove area recently, the same sluice work was done there except it was smooth. One of the slices on 337 is higher than the ditch. Granted there is a little gully coming off the hillside but what about the water coming down the ditch (if it can get through the grass, weeds and stones as ditches are never cleaned anymore)? The tar and chips applied to 337 has not fixed the holes and dips. Rte 337 residents pay taxes, too, and I believe we deserve a better road to travel than we have.

Jean Hollabaugh,

a Rte. 337 resident,