Dear Editor,

My husband and I attended the Warren Dragons football game two weeks ago at War Memorial stadium. It was a beautiful night and the game was well attended. Everyone cheered for the players and the cheerleaders with enthusiasm. Then halftime came. Meadville’s band took the field and nothing. The Dragon Marching Band took their turn to entertain. Both bands were very good and didn’t get the recognition they deserve. Youngsville’s Marching Band played after the game, but unfortunately we had to leave early and we missed their show. I’m sure they performed well also.

I came from a long line of marching band musicians. My Dad was drummer for the Bag Pipe Band for Falconer Fire Dept. I was a proud member of the award winning Jamestown High School Red Raider Marching Band, two of my children were members of the Dragon Marching Band and now my twin granddaughters are members of the Crestwood Scarlet Guard (Band) in Mantua, Ohio. Nobody realizes, unless involved, how hard the band members work to put on a great show. Thousands of dollars are spent on instruments, hundreds of hours of music lessons, hours and hours of practices and yet, no one cares, except their proud parents sitting in the stands. It’s so heartbreaking for them, when nobody acknowledges their hard work.

I am embarrassed by the lack of appreciation shown these kids. When they walk by the stands after their performances, please give them a hearty round of applause and even a standing ovation. They have a lot of pride in their school and marching band is how they express it.

At a recent football game for my granddaughters’ school, I witnessed something amazing. After the game was over, the football players came over, stood in front of the band, helmets off and held high while the band played their alma mater. To me, they recognized the support the band provides for them. Seems to me, adults can learn something from the kids! Please honor the Marching Band students from now on. They truly deserve your respect and admiration. Thank you!

Sharon L. Johnson,