True heroes

Dear Editor,

An article in the July 26, 2017 Times Observer published by the Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, Pa., recalling the events of the Quecreek mine rescue in 2002 lauds the efforts of the politicians in the rescue but never mentions the true heroes; the owners and employees of the oil and gas field services who worked 24 hours a day for three days to save these men.

A partial list includes; Yost Drilling, Keystone Drill Services, Lincoln Supply, Bartel’s, Ingersoll Rand, Union Drilling, Falcon Drilling, LK Drilling, and many others whose tireless efforts produced the successful result, all of whom dove in without concern of payment for their services, which ultimately the State reimbursed them some of their expenses. It was their expertise, equipment, and manpower in the elements that effected the rescue not the bloviations of the bureaucrats from their hotel rooms.

While the oil and gas industry has some bad actors, the vast majority of them are hard working people using good practices trying to provide for their families, and with efforts like this do not deserve the rap that the governments and tree huggers give them.


Lee Borger Jr.,