Much-needed recess

Hey, Warren County School District board of directors, after your recent decision regarding playing sports at the school where most classes are taken, let’s keep the ball rolling in the right direction.

What direction?

Whichever way is the quickest, easiest route for the new fifth graders at Beaty (or any fifth graders) to find some space for much needed recess.

Why, you ask?

It’s very obvious to me. You see, I have an active 10-year-old son. Never once have I seen him sit for more than 1 hour, let alone 7 hours.

Did a single soul consider the positives for mental and physical health when 20-30 minutes of recess is offered daily? If Warren fifth-graders had remained at WAEC, recess would’ve continued to be a daily option.

I work long days. I appreciate my break in the middle of the day. I must leave the office or I have a hard time getting through the afternoon. I come back refreshed, ready for round 2. And I’m an adult who can handle a lot.

Young children can only focus, listen, sit still for so long. Then they tune out and fidget. No matter how hard they may try, their brain just can’t stay on task. Nor can their legs stay settled. Next, a student gets in trouble. The whole classroom is disrupted. Before the teacher can sharpen a new pencil, five more students have what I call the “Jimmy Legs.” And then another 5 students…

Forget teaching, goodbye learning. It may only be 1:30. Oh no. 20+ students are ready for anything but sitting and learning.

Their first test scores are too low. Why?

Their brains and bodies need a break during the day. A small time sacrifice for many long term benefits.

Research has proven:

Exercise builds brain power — so let’s play tag!

School board directors, keep on wagging that tail!

Shannon Sitler,