Habla ingles?

Dear Editor,

This letter is not intended for the remaining 33% of Americans who support my President. It would only upset and possibly confuse them.

President Trump’s recent suggestion that legal immigrants be required to speak English before entering the USA belies the fact that President Trump’s own ancestors most likely did not speak English upon arriving to America. “Friederich (Fred) TRUMP was born on 14 Mar 1869 in Kallstadt, Pfalz, Germany. He immigrated in 1885 to United States from Hamburg…” https://www.thoughtco.com/ancestry-of-donald-trump-1421916

To frame this possible legislation as a means to MAGA or to secure American jobs is to ignore the fact that few Americans are willing to work at the jobs that legal immigrants often fill. Ask local employers what challenges they face with new hires and it most often comes down to passing a drug test successfully and showing up for work on time, two things that most legal immigrants find easy to accomplish.

In my own experiences working in Central American countries, my quality of life was greatly enhanced after I learned the Spanish language well enough to communicate with the local grocer, shop merchant, and other day-to-day encounters with the general population. No country requires legal immigrants to know their language upon entering for the first time. Should that legal immigrant wish to change their permanent residency to Naturalized citizen they are then required to pass both a Civics and an English test.

I trust in my elected officials in Congress from both sides of the aisle to push back on this misguided, and frankly xenophobic, suggestion from my President. Democrats and, more recently, Republicans alike realize that my President needs extensive guidance in learning his new job.

While an English exam might not be necessary for the office of the President, a drug test might not be a bad idea.


Scott R. Blume,