A national disgrace

Dear Editor,

To say that recent events in our nation have left many of us stunned and saddened would be an extraordinary understatement.

We recently watched in horror as the white supremacist movement with its neo-Nazi and KKK base once again raised its ugly head and began re-emerging into the American mainstream, spewing forth its hatred and bigotry like a dark and toxic cloud, complete with proudly displayed swastikas, confederate flags and torches there in Charlottesville, where a young woman there to protest this horrific message was killed (and many others injured) by an act of domestic terrorism carried out by one of the supporters of this detestable movement.

And then our sitting President, rather than responding with righteous “fire and fury” by clearly calling out and forcefully denouncing this overtly racist movement, went on to say that “both sides” are to blame for these events – a response which was warmly welcomed by white supremacist leaders, who felt emboldened and validated by it and now see him as an ally and friend in the White House who shares their views and will support them.

America surely weeps. This is a two-fold national disgrace, a frontal attack on the American values which many have died defending and most hold dear. And which is the greater disgrace? The resurgence of this despicable white supremacist movement, or our sitting President’s feeble response and apparent unwillingness to forcefully and unequivocally denounce it? One cannot help but wonder whether someone who does not instinctively and powerfully condemn such hatred and bigotry has somehow lost their moral center, along with any claim to moral authority. And to have such an individual in our nation’s highest position of power is unsettling, to say the least.

This is a time of moral reckoning, a defining moment for our nation – and especially for what remains of the GOP, the party of Lincoln (who would undoubtedly be appalled by these events). And it is a call for courage as well, for all of us to come to the defense of America and its true values, and simply to do what is obviously right. It is thus on each of us to do our parts and speak out clearly against such hatred, bigotry, and racism in all of its forms.

America has always been incredibly resilient, and I am hopeful that ultimately we will come together and do what is necessary to truly “make America great again.”

Respectfully submitted,

Dale E. Buonocore,