Dear Editor, please see my response below to an editorial “Scentsibility” recently written by Debby Hornburg, and please see that this is forwarded to her:

“Dear Debby:

I was recently given a copy of your (column) “Scentsibility” from the (July 15) edition of the Times Observer. It was very touching. It choked me up. That was my family’s home. I was there that week overseeing the estate sale. My sister Mary was the collector and had lived in the home for many years with my parents while she cared for them. She recently passed away from a long battle with multiple cancers. It was very hard for me to see all of my family’s possessions from years gone by carted down the front steps. Your article has helped bring some closure.

I know that perfume bottle.

I know the scent.

I saw it many times.

I took one last whiff of it before the sale started.

Without knowing it, you purchased one of the most important items from the collection that speaks directly of my sister:




Powerful and pleasant when opened

Like the perfume bottle, that was my sister.

I am sure she is glad you mustered up enough courage to go back and get it. You approached just as she did on her outings… “should I buy it?”“maybe I better go back before somebody else gets it.”

Like my sister, you know a good thing when you buy it. Hang on to that little item… don’t give it up.


James M. Mundt, Jr.

Ambler, Pa.