Music in the Park disgrace

Dear Editor,

I would like to know who is in charge of the grounds where they hold Music in the Park each week. I have had a lot of people either complain or comment to me about it so wanted to find out once and for all what is going on.

I am referring to the gazebo. All of the rest of grounds seem so well kept up but the gazebo is a disgrace. Why did we waste money on that if it is going to be kept in such terrible condition and if it cannot be used.? All during the week, it is open. Then, when Friday night comes, they board it off so that no one can enter it. Why is that? People would enjoy sitting in there when the entertainment is going on.

Here is the main problem: No one would want to sit in there now due to the deplorable condition that it is in. The floor is absolutely filthy and the ceiling paint is all chipping. We need to get some people in there and do a complete cleanup and restore the ceiling. There are a lot of people that attend this event — many of them are from out of town. We do not and should not have this gazebo look like the disgrace that it does. Once it does get restored, how about letting people use it?

Also, I note that there are name plaques all the way around it. I don’t know who these people are but I am sure that they and their families feel terrible having their loved ones memorialized in such a disgraceful monument that this has turned out to be.

Come on, people. Let’s get this gazebo cleaned up and allow it to be used, especially at such a big event on Friday nights. Where is our pride?


Barry Keller,