Dear Editor,

Rather than listen to all the misinformation being bantered about by politicians regarding the American healthcare system, I strongly suggest that everyone simply read the book “An American Sickness — How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back,” by Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal. It is available in the Warren Public Library.

As both a doctor and investigative reporter, Dr. Rosenthal offers a meticulously researched account of how healthcare in this country has metastasized into a system which, as she states, “… has stopped focusing on health or even science. Instead it attends more or less single-mindedly to its own profits.”

She then backs up that claim with example after example of how hospitals, drug companies, insurance companies, individual doctors, and administrators have gamed the system to maximize profits — often knowingly to the detriment of patient care. This unfortunate deterioration started long before Obamacare or whatever new plan the Republicans come up with.

In fact, one economist in the book, Glenn Melnick, states that, “It (healthcare) is now so dysfunctional that I sometimes think the only solution is to blow the whole thing up.”

That is the exact same quote I hear from some of the most experienced healthcare workers I talk to right here in Warren. So, if anyone genuinely wants the facts regarding American healthcare rather than ignorant sound bites, please read the book and encourage whomever lawmaker you support from either party to do the same.

Wes Jacobs,