Boaters beware

Dear Editor,

I want people in the West Hickory area to know that the West Hickory boat launch is being taken over by the US Forest Service. What this means is that we will eventually have to pay an additional fee to use the West Hickory boat launch and to park in the parking lot there. We already pay a launch permit fee to the Pennsylvania Boat and Fish Commission to use their facilities. A few weeks ago, I saw and heard someone mowing at the boat launch so I drove over to see who was working. In typical government fashion there were two people sitting under the pavilion and one person mowing from the US Forest Service. Going into Tionesta from Hickory there is a big and expensive Allegheny National Forest sign where the grass always needs mowed or when they do mow they do a crappy job. If the US Forest Service can’t take care of one sign how will they be able to take care of the launch. PennDOT doesn’t want to take care of the boat launch because it’s too much work and the Fish and Boat Commission doesn’t want the boat launch back because it’s too much hassle. Gotta love our state and federal government.


Timothy G. Sneeringer,

West Hickory