A plea to President Trump

Dear Editor,

‘Dear Sir,

Given the undeniable reality of extensive Russian meddling in our recent elections, paired with the swirling suspicions that you or at least some of your campaign staff might have been working with them in these efforts, the question of how you respond to all of this now seems vitally important.

Certainly your responses thus far have raised serious questions – e.g., refusing to release your tax returns during the campaign, as all other candidates have done in recent decades; firing the FBI Director charged with investigating this Russian meddling and the possibility of active collusion by you and/or some of your campaign staff; ongoing veiled threats to fire the Special Counsel now leading the investigation into these issues; continuing attacks on U.S. intelligence agencies, the Department of Justice, and the FBI; and the complete lack of any efforts on your part to meaningfully address this Russian attack on our democracy’s election process and to ensure that adequate defensive measures are put in place so that we cannot be blindsided by such an attack again.

Frankly, sir, these types of behaviors serve only to give the impression (rightly or wrongly) of someone who is guilty and is now hiding things and desperately engaging in a “cover-up.”

Assuming you are truly innocent of such things, then please consider how to best respond to the current situation. You may have forgotten, but you promised great “transparency” as president during your campaign – would this not clearly be the absolute best strategy now, for both yourself and our nation?

So please release your tax returns, and publicly vow to stay away from all ongoing investigations – even better, enthusiastically welcome and support them, and offer full cooperation (and even assistance if needed) in every way. This is what someone in your position who is innocent of any criminal wrongdoing and ethical misconduct would do, as they would know that a thorough investigation could only prove their innocence and “clear” them once and for all.

Your actions from this point forward will ultimately define your presidency. Please consider the wisdom in taking the honorable and courageous path of openness and transparency from this point forward – undoubtedly you would be demanding nothing less had Hillary Clinton won the election and found herself in a similar situation, and rightfully so. We are counting on you to do what is right and best for our nation during these trying times.’

Respectfully submitted,

Dale E. Buonocore,