Warren County Welcome to the Swamp

I have to say it is worth the .75 cents a day to purchase your publication so I can stay informed with our local drama of “Keeping Up With The Commissioners.” This is absolutely amazing stuff to read, you could make serious money by publishing these YouTube videos and the articles they are involved in.

Today, the headline is that our current Solicitor is being charged with theft of services for apparently not wanting to pay $30.00 a month for garbage services so he decides what the heck I’ll just toss it in someone else’s trash what’s the difference. Then to follow that article our good old county trio decides, hey, wouldn’t it be a great idea to re-new his contract with the county.

What really blows my mind is Mr. Eggleston must have already seen all of the evidence and has already made a conclusion in this case as he was quoted by the paper stating, “There seems to be a misunderstanding regarding these charges.” That statement really backs up our local police who must have thought that there was enough evidence or a sufficient complaint to file charges with our local district attorney.

Way to go guys!!!! Toss this on top of the bickering over the lobbying firm and accusing each other of violating the sunshine clause and the various other differences you seem to have.

This is all working out great. After the great YMCA debacle we voted to get commissioners that could work together and this is what we got.

The three musketeers that decided to hire a lobbying firm to do the job that we elected people to do, debate if they are going to give out bonuses to county workers, and to top it all off renew a contract to a guy who has pending charges with the county.

Here’s a simple idea, how about postpone his contract until we allow our attorney general to handle the case and then see if it was just a misunderstanding or not.

How about you talk about how to work with the Warren Jaycees to make our 4th of July Celebration the best that it can be? How about discussing how to bring jobs to the local area? How about discussing how we can lower taxes for our senior citizens? How about some of those ideas? I encourage every resident to watch some of the YouTube videos as they were so important to the commissioners to have these things broadcasted online who themselves know what it costs to do that.

Not many people watch them as they range from ZERO views to around 300 views.

I’d personally just like to open the paper and see one decision they can all agree on that would make a significant impact to our local community.

Ryan Knopf,