Trump vs. Catholic social teaching

Dear Editor,

I’ve been reading lately that the Institutional Church is experiencing a serious decline in membership. Young people are not joining the church. When asked, many young folks respond that they see the church as hypocritical. Where could they be getting this idea? As I contemplated this, my thoughts wandered to our recent Presidential Election, where Donald Trump wound up with the majority of electoral college votes.

Donald Trump’s agenda threatens so many policies and practices that correspond to the heart of the social mission of Pope Francis and the Catholic Church in the United States. Trump denies the overwhelming evidence of climate change put forth by the vast majority of scientists. Trump is opposed to assistance for the poor and needy. Trump spreads fear and bigotry about refugees and immigrants.

In addition, Trump’s race baiting and shocking lack of morality would disqualify him from consideration by Evangelical voters, one would think. Yet exit polls indicate that the majority of white Catholics and Evangelicals voted for him. I find this very disturbing, but hey, maybe it illustrates what the young folks are telling us.


Neil Himber,