Town Hall, Thompson

Dear Editor,

I phoned Congressman Glenn Thompson’s office today to inquire as to where he will be holding town hall meetings during this Spring recess. I was told that the Congressman does not hold town hall meetings. I asked why and was told that he feels they are unproductive because there is too much shouting, so he prefers to communicate by teleconference.

I explained that many constituents prefer face to face dialog. I was under the impression that meeting with constituents was the main reason for the recess.

As I thought more about it I put together a little ditty:

“It isn’t nice to ask tough questions,

it isn’t nice to disagree.

The congressman is real busy

and you he don’t wanna see.

It isn’t nice, it isn’t nice,

he told us once, he told us twice,

tough questions make him sweat,

so a town hall meeting we won’t get.

So if speech is really free,

next election we shall see.


Neil Himber,