‘Love of the game’

Dear Editor,

In reference to the March 15 article by Andy Close, “For the Love of the Game,” may his article help all those affected by the school board’s decision to co-op the Youngsville football team with Warren.

But now let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Many believe that this move by the school board was just the first step in the ultimate goal of closing Youngsville High School. I say shame on the board members who voted for this co-op. Your decision was short-sighted as it did not take into consideration the charge placed upon you to factor in the effect on the well-being of our community and county as a whole.

Schools, kids, their activities and school spirit are foundational to healthy communities. Healthy communities attract young families who ultimately contribute to the top base. The school board’s short-sighted decision has left the residents of Youngsville wondering what will become of our community now?

This is the second blow we have received at the hands of the school board. While the board is happy to receive our taxes through property assessment, we feel we have not been represented or treated fairly in the processes of the last few years. Continue on this path and you will most certainly see a decrease of property values in the Youngsville region, followed by a decrease in home ownership and assessment value, ultimately followed by a decrease in tax revenue collected by WCSD.

All the while there will be added transportation expenses.

I will urge the school board to revisit the sports co-op situation and consider another alternative.


Gordon Fitzgerald,