Change is not good here

Dear Editor,


Sometimes the very things that we think are helping us are in fact destroying us.

Our kids no longer go out and play, instead they spend most of their time in front of their keyboard or smart phone, texting or gaming. They now lack social and interpersonal skills, which leaves them without the basic survival skills.

I remember as a child playing football. Every fall on Beaty field or another area playing football. Football developed team skills and a sense of belonging. That’s how friends are made.

I played football in Jr. High and, even though I didn’t do well, I never quit but my teammates always encouraged me.

Football can’t be taken from Youngsville and mixed with Warren. They are not Dragons; they are Eagles. And nothing can change that.

Encourage those Eagle kids to play and enjoy football.

If we don’t start encourage our kids to engage in physical activities, much worse things and will continue. Sometimes change is good, but in this case it is not. So come on kids get out and play. Go Eagles, fight, fight, fight.

Roger Sullivan,