The Big Lie Machine is so busy lying and creating fake news that they are providing the clearest picture possible of who they are and what they represent, all intending to obstruct our new President’s attempts at repairing the nearly total destuction of our nation done by Barry and Hill-liar-ry. If an investigation of President Trump is necessary, then investigate Hill-liar-rys campaign & Barry’s communication’s with Russians. Hill-liar-ry’s nominational process was clearly one that was interfered with by her supporters, so where is the outrage over that? Her nomination was fixed due to the corruption within the Big LM and DNC. The leaks from within her unsecured server (an illegal act) and many other careless violations of classified pr ocedures created all these leaks. How much money did Russia or Russians give to the Clinton Crime Foundation? How much uranium was sold to Russia while she was secretary of state? What the Big Lie Machine accuses our new government of being, is exactly what they are. Investigate all of them ASAP. How many Clinton supporters communicated with Russians during her nomination and campaign? Let’s find out. Have a great day. The air smells so fresh and I feel such a wonderful weight lifted from my shoulders and soul since November’s election.

Jeffrey L. Carlson,