‘Unlock their doors’

Dear Editor,

First, I wish President Trump God’s speed in putting together a coalition of nations to lower the boom on Iran and Isis before they turn their modern day version of The Crusades into a nuclear apocalyptic crusade.

Secondly, I wish that all those who oppose the ban on immigration (Big Lie Machine) would return to their homes and open all of their windows and unlock their doors while leaving them completely open day and night to anyone who wishes to enter and possibly never leave. Next erect signs proclaiming this home is open to all who care to or dare to enter. Possibly, you could install flashing lights to increase everyone’s awareness of the opportunities. Remember, no discrimination or profiling, even in regards to your budget or safety.

Third wish would obviously be used to wish for three more wishes, so that I might share a few more thoughts later. Have a merry today and many happy tomorrows.

Jeffrey L. Carlson,