A Letter To My Team

Dear 2016 PIAA AAAA District 10 Girls Basketball Champions,

You know who you are.

Do you realize what you just did?

Do you know that your team will forever be the FIRST to win a girls basketball District 10 championship at Warren Area High School? Even that aside, which is truly amazing, you have set the bar for this program that is eight years in the making.

I really struggle to find the words to describe how I feel.

Over the last 24 hours a slew of texts, tweets and Facebook posts have come in congratulating me, congratulating OUR Program. All of those have been GREATLY appreciated and loved. So many people are calling out the hard work and dedication by the team. Our program knows that championships are won in the off-season, not between the months of November and March.

They are won on hot summer days, getting your runs in, your lifting, and those extra shots.

They are won on summer nights working on fundamentals in the gym – when all your friends are getting ready to head out for a summer evening of fun.

They are won seeking out the best summer competition in Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and eastern Pennsylvania.

They are won practicing for two hours and then watching film on your own at home.

They are won during 6 a.m. practices on Saturday mornings.

The championship YOU JUST WON is because of your sacrifice to this program!

There are many that have come before you that worked just as hard as you did. When they were working to be the best, you were sitting in the stands admiring them. As they ran up and down the floor at Warren Area High School, you watched in awe hoping that one day you could wear their number and play just like them. Well, you picked up the torch and carried it. Many of those that came before you sat in the stands and watched you Saturday and many more were glued to their phones getting updates. You have made them all proud!

You have shown yourselves, your coaches and your community that with hard work, dedication and flat out love for each other, anything is possible!

I hope this championship turns a few heads in the Warren community, because this town has many amazing female athletes living amongst them (not just our basketball team). I hope your school realizes what an amazing accomplishment this truly is.

We are a family – dysfunctional at times, but still a family. It has been an amazing ride that isn’t over yet. I thank God every day for the opportunity to be a part of your lives. My three girls are so lucky to have all 14 of you as their big sisters. The look on their faces when they get to come into the gym and spend time with their basketball family makes my heart melt. They live for it, and so do I!

I am honored and truly blessed to be your coach. Jasper, John and Jess feel exactly the same way.


Are you ready to take one more step with us? Are you ready to write another chapter in your legacy? I will see you in the gym.

Humbly yours,

Warren Area High School girls basketball coach Lisa LaVan (and John, Jasper and Jess)