Horrific events

Dear Editor:

The other night as I pondered the horrific national and world events unfolding, I said to the Lord: “Our nation has lost its way”.

I heard in my heart an immediate response which said, “No, your nation has gotten its way…it’s My way that’s been lost.”

As I pondered this response, I wrote the following poem.

Have we lost our way?

As a nation we have lost our way,

At least that’s what some people say,

Is that the way it is?

I think it’s not OUR way we’ve lost,

For what we’ve done, we’ll pay a cost,

The way we lost is HIS.

Our scientists have figured out,

What life and death is all about,

Your Book…it’s just a myth.

Man and woman, man and man,

There’s really not a master plan,

Doesn’t matter who you’re with.

We say that “love” will rule the day,

And proud to say we feel that way,

‘Cause love will justify…

We love the whales and love the earth,

But unborn babies have no worth,

When will we question why?

We said we don’t need You today,

So You stepped back and said, “Ok,

Let’s see where this thing leads.”

Now we’re reaping what we’ve sown

The evil child is now full grown,

On fear and blood it feeds.

Now enemies are killing us,

We dare not take a plane or bus,

Just killing – for no reason.

Evil’s gained the upper hand,

And righteousness has left the land,

On Christians… open season.

Yes, we’ve gotten our own way I fear,

Our way’s not lost, it got us here,

It’s Your way we must find.

Your love is great Your way is good,

You’d take us back, I know You would,

You’re merciful and kind.

If we will only STOP and say,

We were so wrong, forgive I pray,

Pour out Your Holy Spirit.

Help us Jesus, Oh Most High,

To shout your name with such a cry,

That all the earth will hear it.

Bob Holland