Garrett memorial

Dear editor:

Being an early riser, my first activity for the day is to read the Times Observer. What I read early in the morning can very easily affect my mood for the day.

In today’s society there is so much crime, hatred, distrust, etc. considered newsworthy. I don’t know what to expect when I open the paper. I do like to keep up with local and world events.

In deference to the previous “newsworthy” items mentioned, the Thursday, April 30 edition of the Times Observer had an article that really brightened up my morning.

This concerned the Mark Garrett Memorial Field.

I didn’t know Mark personally but his parents, Jan and Vicky, are very good friends of mine. They have related to me things about Mark; his life, his health situation, his accomplishments, what kind of person he was, etc.

“Mark Garrett Memorial Field;” What a fitting tribute to an esteemed family member.

Beautiful family; beautiful picture; a very proud day for the Garrett family.

A comment was made regarding the glare from the sun at the right edge of the picture. Do you think someone up above sent down those sun rays showing approval of the newly named ballfield?


Tom Cappello, Sr.