Parking Meters

Dear editor:

I’m just guessing what those meters bring in a month about $30,000?

Dan Ristau is right on the money. Those meters are only hurting the people in business. When I came to this town in 1952 things were booming. People had money because of good paying jobs.

Just like myself, people get an attitude. I’m not paying a meter to the Post Office for five min. I shop at Aldi’s or Walmart. Anything else I shop Jamestown. A lot of people are pinching pennies because of the lousy paying jobs in this town, and that’s where the attitude starts.

The $15.00 fine is so ridiculous. You’re poking people in the eye and you’re asking them to smile. I don’t know where this meter money is going, but I can help you there. Pave all main streets and when that’s done, start on all side streets. Then I’ll stick my money in the meters. And plant more flowers everywhere. That will make Warren more beautiful!

Carl Rozzelle


Parking meters

Well, the meters are here! A town can’t be paid for with meters. They are going to hurt all the stores and restaurants.

Why is it, the people with the most authority have the least common sense? Jamestown and Erie here we come!

George Broadbent