DPW: County paving projects to carry on as far as winter

Partially completed paving projects will be the norm for a while longer around the City of Warren.

Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz gave city council an update on projects around the city during Monday’s meeting.

The two most visible project – Pennsylvania Ave. East and Market St. – still have a fair amount of work to be done.

Holtz said that crews are putting in all of the ADA ramps in on Pennsylvania Ave. E.

“There are about 94 of them to do,” Holtz said, noting that 40 or 50 have been completed. “They’re hoping to get it done for winter. (It) will be pretty close to the end of the construction season.

“Market St. is the same way,” he said. “There is a lot of work to do before (they) put the top coat on,” including work to the median, guardrail and drainage.

While those are in the hands of PennDOT, the city, as they do every year, has undertaken a paving of a number of city street blocks.

“All of our blocks have been milled and scratched,” he said, scratched meaning the first layer of asphalt applied.

He said the second layer would be laid in the middle of September.

Holtz joked that IA Construction is “basically married to Warren County,” doing work on Rt. 957, Market St. and in the city.

“They have until September 15 for us,” he said. “They’ve got their hands full. There’s a lot going on.”

He described it as “progress.”

“The roads are getting smooth. It just takes a while to get there.”