Bovine pie contest benefits Crime Stoppers at the Warren County Fair

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Gary Barnes (left) of Warren County Crime Stoppers presents a check for $1,000 to Jeff Rowley, who won the grand prize in the Crime Stoppers Steer Dump at Warren County Fair.

Eight winners experienced the thrill of victory in a recent event at Warren County Fair featuring bovine defecation.

A total of 750 patty placement prognosticators entered the Warren County Crime Stoppers Steer Dump.

Technically, they didn’t select drop zones. Rather, they paid $5 for a number and the numbers were randomly assigned to locations on the ground at the Ellwood National Forge Show Ring.

Then, in what might be considered a reversal, they held their breath before the animal — which apparently does not suffer from performance anxiety — did its thing.

Jeff Rowley had the rights to ground zero. That space won him $1,000.

Others with nearby spaces were: Diana Larson, J. Pifer, Harold Cornish, and Mitch West, who each won $100; and Les Sanford, Becky Hanlen, and Pat Sherman, who steered their investment to winnings of $50 each.

Proceeds from the event benefit Crime Stoppers.