Monday plea hearings

The following defendants entered guilty pleas during change of plea proceedings held on Monday before Judge Gregory Hammond at the Warren County Courthouse:

¯ James T. Corbett, Corry, to conspiracy (propulsion of missiles onto roadway). Charges including 14 counts of propel missiles onto roadway, 14 counts of intentional deface property by discharge paintball gun/marker, two counts of criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and corruption of minors were not prosecuted.

¯ Amanda R. Havle, Warren, to DUI: Controlled substances — Schedule II or III — first offense, recklessly endangering another person and operating vehicle without valid inspection. Charges of DUI: Controlled substances — impaired ability — first offense, DUI: Solvent or noxious substance, sale or illegal use of certain solvents, driving on roadways laned for traffic and required financial responsibility were not prosecuted.

¯ John A. Hicks, Spartansburg, to DUI: Highest rate of alcohol — second offense, improper stop and vehicular hazard signal lamps. Charges of firearms not to be carried without a license, DUI: General impairment/incapable of safe driving — second offense, restriction on alcoholic beverages and restraint systems were not prosecuted.