Commissioners sign off on county projects

Agreements with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Allegheny National Forest for sheriff’s department patrols were approved as part of Wednesday’s Warren County Commissioners meeting.

Commissioner Ben Kafferlin said that the sheriff’s department has been conducting these patrols for nearly 40 years, primarily during Memorial Day and Labor Day.

He noted the funding continues to go down and is a “pay-as-you-go model,” meaning there is minimal cost to the county.

The commissioners signed off on a Red Light Enforcement Program grant that would be used to purchase stop signs for around the county.

Kafferlin said the county has pursued this for a few years and haven’t been awarded and credited County Planner Dan Glotz for continuing to go after it.

The commissioners also signed off on an appointment to the housing authority board – Dr. William Clark – and three to the Transit Authority of Warren County – Cindy Jarzab, Linda Swanson and Grave Wright.