3 guilty pleas, 3 charges withdrawn Wednesday

Three guilty pleas were entered while charges were withdrawn against three during preliminary hearings held on Wednesday at the Warren County Courthouse.

The following defendants entered guilty pleas:

¯ Bobbi D. Pearce, Glen Campbell, Pa., to disorderly conduct. A count of intimidate witness/victim – refrain from report was withdrawn.

¯ Alisha M. Rogers, Corry, to false reports – reported offense did not occur. Charges of false report – falsely incriminate another and harassment were withdrawn.

¯ Amber M. Gardner, Falconer, NY, to possession of drug paraphernalia.

Charges were withdrawn against the following:

¯ Marc Deloach, Bay Springs, Ms. Deloach had been charged with firearm not to be carried without a license – no criminal violation. A count of disorderly conduct was re-categorized as a non-traffic offense.

¯ Jeremy L. Paden, Pittsfield. Paden had been charged with strangulation – applying pressure to throat or neck, unlawful restraint/serious bodily injury, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and harassment.

¯ Candy S. Unger, Sugar Grove. Unger had been charged with DUI: General impairment/incapable of safe driving – first offense, endangering welfare of children, disregard traffic lane, driving at safe speed and careless driving. A count of reckless driving was re-categorized as a traffic offense.