Like a ‘freight train’

Tornado Warning: Sunday evening storm knocks down trees, wires, closes roads

Photo courtesy of Tim Wiltsie/Starbrick VFD Rt. 6 in Starbrick was closed for hours Sunday evening after a severe storm blew roofing on to the four-lane high way.

A severe thunderstorm caused downed trees and wires, including into houses, and blocked roadways, Sunday evening, throughout Warren County.

Earlier Sunday, the National Weather Service upgraded a Tornado Watch to a Tornado Warning until 9 p.m. At 8:03 p.m., a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located near Grand Valley, moving northeast at 60 miles per hour.

Strong winds blew a metal roof onto to Rt. 6 in Starbrick, detouring traffic for several hours.

“It had to be a tornado,” said Starbrick Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief Tim Wiltsie, who also lives in the area of damage along Rt. 6. It sounded like a “freight train” coming through.

Wiltsie said wires down forced the complete closure of the road, but the roof also took up much of the four-lane highway.

The City of Warren Police reported, “multiple trees and wires down on Conewango Ave., north of Fifth Ave., in the city.”

Crews were working to clear the roads, but also diverting traffic after the 9 p.m. storm.

A tree was viewed clearly into a house along Conewango Ave., which one Facebook poster called “Tornado Alley.”

Police scanner reports called multiple authorities to storm damage, but it’s not known if a tornado touched down as of yet.