Youngsville man sentenced to four years in prison

A Youngsville man who pled guilty to strangling his pregnant girlfriend will spend the next four years in state prison.

Timothy A. McMillen was sentenced by Judge Gregory Hammond on Friday on charges including strangulation – applying pressure to throat or neck and simple assault.

Charges including two counts of recklessly endangering another person and aggravated assault of an unborn child were not prosecuted as conditions of the plea agreement.

McMillen’s counsel, Rob Kinnear, said that be “anyone’s standards” his client’s conduct “could be considered a heinous crime.”

However, Kinnear alleged that his client was self-medicating for mental health issues and will hopefully be able to obtain mental health treatment in the state prison system.

First Assistant District Attorney Cody Brown described the crime as “serious” and noted McMillen placed his hands around his pregnant girlfriend’s throat limiting her ability to breathe.

Hammond noted bruising to the throat and a “deep laceration” to the victim’s lip from the “brutal attack.”

He said that he isn’t sure if it is a manifestation of mental health issues or not but noted that probably wasn’t significant to the victim while she was being strangled.

Hammond then sentenced McMillen to 42 to 84 months in state prison with credit for 228 days time served, $1,625 in fines and fees, to have no contact with the victim, submission of a DNA sample and to undergo a mental health evaluation and comply with any recommendations on a count of strangulation – applying pressure to throat or neck.

On a count of simple assault, Hammond sentenced McMillen to a consecutive six to 12 months incarceration and a $500 fine.