Commissioners settle Superior Tire & Rubber tax assessment

A settlement has been reached in a property tax assessment appeal filed by Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.

The Warren County Commissioners signed off on the settlement unanimously without additional comment during a Wednesday meeting.

Brian Bull, the county’s assessment director, said during the meeting that he feels the “settlement is fair for what they agreed to settle on.”

The settlement document details that the appeal challenged the assessment of four parcels “located at or around 1818 Pennsylvania Avenue West.”

“After consultation, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. and the Taxing Authorities have agreed upon a settlement and have agreed” that the fair market value should be set at $1.6 million, the assessed level ratio at 32.57 percent and the assessed value at $521,600.

Assessment records on the county’s website indicate that the current market value of the parcels totals $1,816,770 with an assessed value of $908,386.

The end result of the settlement then is that Superior Tire’s tax bill will be based moving forward on an assessed value nearly $387,000 lower than the current rate.

Before the settlement can be approved, the Board of Assessment Appeals, county, Warren County School District, City of Warren and Conewango Township will have to give their assent to the agreement before it will go before the court for final consideration.

A proposed order – if approved – indicates that the new assessed value “shall be applicable for the year 2019 and continue for subsequent years…”

“The taxing districts shall issue refunds for the year 2019, if any, reflecting the new assessment.”