Career Center students see what the Army has to offer

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Mark Taylor speaks with students at Warren County Career Center.

Students at Warren County Career Center met a special recruiter from the U.S. Army on Wednesday.

The Talon tracked military explosive ordnance disposal robot accompanied representatives from the Army Recruiting Office in Bradford.

The Talon had visited Warren County School District schools, including the career center, before. This time, it came with new controls.

Last year, students operating the device used the dials, sticks, and levers originally built into the control unit. This year, an Xbox-style controller was plugged in and familiar to many of the students.

“It was so hard with (the old controller),” Logan Carpec said. “I game. I already know the (new) controls.”

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Megan McGuinness drives a U.S. Army Talon explosive ordnance disposal robot through a doorway at Warren County Career Center.

The Army has recognized the value — both in recruiting and training — in making equipment that is familiar.

While the Talon is just one example of the kinds of things that the Army offers, its a good way to show how some of their experiences and studies at school can lead into work in the military.

“It’s a good way to see what they do,” Faith Cruz said. “You can try it out for yourself.”

“The STEM stuff here at the school translates,” SSgt. Mark Taylor said. “That’s why we come out and show you this stuff.”

The robot was the main attraction, but it was a recruiting visit, and Taylor met with a number of students who expressed some level of interest in military careers, talking about his experiences in Afghanistan, the opportunities offered by the Army, and how that branch is superior to the others.

“I want to show you why the Army is a better option,” Taylor said. “The opportunities that the Army offers are incredible.” There are more than 150 career paths available.

Another selling point for young people interested in travel was that soldiers can be based all over the world.

He asked students about their plans. Depending on whether individuals hoped to stay in the state or wished to see more of the world, he said they might be more interested in the National Guard or the U.S. Army.

Taylor talked about the Army Reserves 420th Engineer Company out of Punxsutawney.