Memorial Day, maybe…

Workers strive to complete Chapman Park projects

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry A Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission crew works on a shore stabilization project for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources at Chapman State Park.

While the lake at Chapman State Park is closed for maintenance, Pennsylvania departments are working together to make it better.

A bank stabilization project at the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources park is close to wrapping up across from the beach.

“The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is helping us out with some shoreline stabilization,” Park Manager Tyson Martin said.

Multiple factors came into play to cause the need for that work, Martin said.

First, a wind incident dropped trees along the shore. Then, Duffy, Inc., the subcontractor that handled the dredging of the lake, used the area where the trees had blown down as a secondary access to the lake shore.

Those factors created conditions that were conducive to problems from above — runoff — and below — bank erosion.

The park received a Pennsylvania Lake Management Society (PALMS) grant for stone for the project.

The Fish and Boat crew moved 800 tons of R6 — 18- to 24-inch stone.

The original plan, according to Martin, called for stone frame deflectors — triangles of stone jutting out into the water — along much more of the western shore that could be reached due to the fallen trees. The deflectors keep the water from undercutting the bank when wind runs parallel to the shore.

Because the triangles will create some fish habitat and will be convenient platforms for fishing, leftover stone will be used to level off an area next to the road for a parking area, Martin said.

The parking area will be created just above, and have trails leading to, the lower snowmobile trail. Trails will lead from there to the fishing platforms.