Murdered judge’s file on permanent loan to Historical Society

Photo courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society The police booking photo of Norman Moon, who was charged and convicted in the killing. He died in 1992.

Only one judge has been killed while on the bench in the history of our country.

And it happened in Warren County 65 years ago this week.

January 13 marks the date when Judge Allison D. Wade was gunned down in the Main Courtroom at the Warren County Courthouse by Norman Moon, who was fed up with Wade’s handling of an alimony case.

Moon died in 1992 and many of the court officials have also passed on.

That made it all the more interesting when a file appeared at District Attorney Rob Greene’s office.

Photo courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society One of the crime scene photos included in Myer Kornreich’s file of the case. Kornreich was the county’s district attorney at the time.

Greene said the file came to his office with a letter describing where it was coming from.

The author of the letter wrote that his wife’s father was the District Attorney who prosecuted the case, Myer A. Kornreich. His wife passed away and that’s when the author of the letter found the file.

“He almost threw it away,” Greene said. “There are original photographs.”

He said the witness statements are “all original statements as far as I understand it.”

Greene decided to donate the file on permanent loan to the Warren County Historical Society.

The Society currently holds the police file, several of Wade’s personal effects as well as the weapon used in the murder.

WCHS Director Michelle Gray said that former Judge Paul Millin also had the Society make copies of all of the documents the court held at the prothonotary’s office related to the murder, adding those records to the Society’s collection.

Gray said that the prosecutor’s file would be copied with a copy going to Greene’s office and another that will be available for review at the society. That allows the original record to avoid human hands as much as possible for its preservation.

The file included witness interviews, evidence, and the autopsy report.

The autopsy report indicates that cause of death as “cardiac tamponade due to a bullet wound of the right ventricle,” and indicates that “the apex of the heart was lacerated. This laceration was four centimeters long through the tip of the right ventricle.”