WAHS on alert Friday

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Multiple law enforcement agencies responded Friday morning in front of Warren Area High School after a written, non-specific threat was discovered.

Warren Area High School was on alert Friday morning.

According to a release issued by the Warren County School District Friday morning, an anonymous, written note was found indicating that an incident may occur at the school building.

The note was not specific about the date and time of the alleged incident.

At 9:30, there were four law enforcement vehicles — two from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, one from the Pennsylvania State Police, and one unmarked — in the front parking area.

“Police are currently investigating the anonymous written note,” according to the release. “Students and staff are conducting a normal school day.”

The school was not put into a lockout nor lockdown situation, according to Principal Jeff Flickner.

The note was found in a girls restroom, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The school day ended uneventfully. “We have not had any further incident,” Flickner said. “We are still investigating.”