Select paving sites to be cleared by 7 a.m.

Minor paving work scheduled for Wednesday in the City of Warren requires that cars parked on six blocks in the city be moved by 7 a.m.

“We are paving transition areas,” Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz said Tuesday afternoon.

He explained that those include water boxes, gas boxes, low driveways as well as the lip created when a paved street meets a street where paving hasn’t been completed.

“We are going to make little ramps,” Holtz said, “obviously just doing that to protect the manholes and stuff.”

He said the remaining paving will be completed in the spring.

Nine blocks in the city were part of the city’s 2018 paving project but a contract foul-up resulted in City Council awarding the project to another contractor late in the summer.

Holtz said that all nine were scratched, meaning that a first coat of asphalt was laid but only three were completed with a final layer.

The six remaining will be the focus of Wednesday’s work, according to a post on the city’s Facebook page:

¯ Bent Twig Rd. from Willoughby Ave. to Bird Ave.

¯ Cedar St. from Pennsylvania Ave. E. to Lexington Ave.

¯ Hill St. from McPherson St. to Connecticut Ave.

¯ Lincoln Ave. from Muir St. to the terminus.

¯ Madison Ave. from Shantz St. to Carver St.

¯ Madison Ave. from Carver St. to South St.