Warren High School hosts alumni band

Strike up the band… and the former band.

The Warren Area High School Marching Dragons are inviting alumni of all ages to dust off their instruments and join them at the home football game Friday, Oct. 19.

In fact, the alumni don’t even have to be specifically Warren Area High School alumni.

“Initially the idea was strictly for former marching band members at WAHS,” Director Aaron Reinard said. “Since we announced Alumni Band on Facebook I have been contacted from some members of the community who participated in marching band elsewhere, but have settled in Warren. I would welcome them as well.”

Most instrumentalists will have to bring their own instruments. “We are very limited on what equipment we have to loan out, at least for this year,” Reinard said. “We have some percussion equipment that alumni can use. Other than that, we really don’t have anything.”

The group will get together at 5:30 p.m. behind the home bleachers to practice and for Reinard to answer any questions.

There won’t be a lot of physical requirements placed on the alumni.

“For this first year, they will sit in the stands and play the stand music that the current band is playing,” Reinard said. “They will sit in the section next to the current band. So, no real marching this first year. It’s possible that that could be in the works in the future.”

There is no official uniform for alumni band, either. Reinard recommends dressing for the mid-October weather, but there will be “no specific dress code.”

“The bottom line is to allow musicians — even ones who haven’t played in years — an opportunity to enjoy music again,” Reinard said.

“I’d like to get a rough headcount if possible,” Reinard said. “We’ve set up an online registration at goo.gl/f4mmRZ. If they have any questions they can contact me at wahsmarching@gmail.com or look for the WAHS Marching Dragon Band Alumni page on Facebook. There is other information there.”