Farewell old Hickory?

City proposes renaming the Hickory Street bridge to honor veterans

Times Observer photo by Josh Cotton City of Warren staff have proposed re-naming the Hickory Street Bridge as a way to honor our community’s veterans.

A name change for the Hickory Street Bridge is in the works.

And it grew out of an effort to honor our community’s veterans.

“The Hometown Heroes Program is a great way to recognize our veterans,” City Manager Nancy Freenock said.

Youngsville has implemented a successful program – where veterans from the community are recognized on street pole banners.

Such a program hadn’t previously been possible here as the street pole locations had been reserved via contract with the city for local business.

Freenock noted that the contract for the business banners has expired.

“However, in researching the Hometown Heroes Program, we discovered that it would cost each veteran or their family approximately $200 for each banner,” she said. “I wanted a way to honor our veterans at no cost to them; the Mayor (Maurice Cashman) suggested renaming the Hickory Street Bridge to the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge.”

Freenock said she pitched the idea to the Warren County Veterans’ Council at a meeting Wednesday night.

She said the proposal includes hanging banners from the lights poles on the bridge “to represent each branch of the service: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.