Warren County School District takes the heat

Summer doesn’t officially end until Saturday, Sept. 22.

And, the season seems intent upon going out like a lion.

In Warren County School District’s buildings, temperatures are up.

The buildings, with localized exceptions, are not air conditioned, so teachers are doing what they can to mitigate the problem.

Superintendent Amy Stewart and other administrators have visited the buildings throughout the first week of school. They know it’s hot.

“We’ve been in the buildings all last week,” Stewart said. “We have a handful of hot, humid days every year.”

There is only so much teachers and administrators can do.

There are fans in hallways keeping air moving. Some teachers have kept their windows closed and their shades down in the mornings. “They re managing it,” Stewart said, “keeping their classrooms as cool as they can.”

Where they have the freedom, teachers can move classes to cooler spaces — rooms on lower floors, computer labs, and such.

Teachers and coaches are taking other steps and making sure their activities are appropriate to conditions.

“They’re gauging activities appropriately, athletics practices appropriately,” she said.

Students are encouraged to dress appropriately and stay hydrated, Stewart said.

The water situation at Eisenhower is back to normal as of late Friday afternoon, she said.

A pump had failed prior to the start of school. Last week, Eisenhower was unable to use the building’s water system for drinking and cooking. Because the water was judged suitable for flushing, school opened on time.

Bottled water was distributed for drinking.

Tests determined the water to be suitable for drinking Friday and the system was in use in time for after school activities.