EIP report contemplates handling contempt sentences by the court

Warren County’s Early Intervention Program report goes far enough to suggest possible changes regarding how contempt sentences are handled by the court.

Mark Morgan, the director of the consulting report, told the commissioners that the “primary issue at the jail is “pretty much human resource software.

That would allow jail management to more effectively handle overtime, staffing, scheduling and leave time.

“The other issue (is the) amount of persons who visit the jail because of contempt hearings,” Morgan said, cases tied to the inability to pay fines and costs.

He said county personnel, and not the firm, raised the issue.

“With all due respect to courts, they should consider cheaper alternatives of contempt hearings then placing them in jail,” the report states. “By placing them back in jail, it adds more fees to the inmate and increasing housing cost to the County.”

Morgan called it “a function of the court system and how they process those no-shows and how they sentence them.”

He encouraged alternative sentencing options.

He noted that the “commissioners (are) at the mercy of the president judge,” but said that “throwing them in jail costs us a lot of money.