A lifetime of dedicated service

Warren County has lost a public servant.

Susan Kosinski, who served the county as elected prothonotary and clerk of courts for more than half of her life, died Sunday at the age of 67.

She was a fixture at Warren County Courthouse.

Kosinski was elected eight times and served as prothonotary for 35 years.

The county’s official court documents were her domain.

As prothonotary, Kosinski was in charge of all records of civil cases.

As clerk of courts, she was responsible for the records of criminal cases, including juvenile cases.

At any given time, the office handled some 2,000 active cases.

“I can’t imagine a harder working, more dedicated elected official than Ms. Kosinski,” Judge Gregory Hammond said in January as he swore her in for her eighth term. “If something needs to be done, she comes in after hours or on the weekends and gets it done.”

He said she even ran into her working at the courthouse on New Year’s Day.

“It’s a pleasure to serve,” Kosinski said.