15 properties sold at upset

732 properties were initially exposed to upset tax sale when the list was released in July.

67 made it to the sale that was held on Monday at the main courtroom of the Warren County Courthouse.

15 sold.

Upset tax sale is the proverbial first step in the tax claim process.

The properties presented for sale on Monday were the result of unpaid 2016 taxes.

At Monday’s sale, all liens and mortgages were sold attached to the properties.

Minimum bids at upset sale must be enough to cover all unpaid taxes, costs, and municipal liens and claims.

The biggest ticket item during Monday’s sale was a 3.4-acre Brokenstraw Township residential parcel that sold for $13,800.

None of the three properties in the sale that are part of the City of Warren’s blighted property process – 705 W. 5th Ave., 11 1/2 Linwood St. and 1613 1/2 Madison Ave. – sold; though two Glade Township properties in the county’s blighted process – 2000 Cobham Park Rd. and 17 Front St. – did sell.

Properties that did not sell on Monday will proceed to judicial sale, typically held in June following the upset sale. At that stage, properties will be sold free and clear of mortgages and liens.

Properties that don’t sell at judicial sale go onto the county’s repository list.