Warren County Band exhibition Saturday

Photo submitted to Times Observer Youngsville High School Students prepare for the Warren County Band Exhibition, being held Saturday at 11 a.m.

What goes around comes around.

That includes marching band exhibitions. The Youngsville High School marching band will host this year’s Warren County Band Exhibition on Saturday at 11 a.m. The exhibition is a tradition, said band treasurer Natalie Lucks.

“Each year, the Warren County School District’s marching bands take turns hosting,” said Lucks. The exhibition is an opportunity for all four marching bands – Sheffield, Warren, Eisenhower, and Youngsville – to unveil a performance of their halftime show for family, friends, communities, and peers.

“The students have worked very hard the last two weeks memorizing music, drill spots, and flag routines on the field,” said Lucks. “Many have put in eight to nine hour days,” and have been through “several music and sectional rehearsals held over the summer.”

“It’s a wonderful time for all the bands to come together and cheer each other on as well as congratulate one another for all their hard work and dedication.” The shows are also what each band will perform at competition, so each band will “continue to tweak and improve their show” in the months to come, said Lucks, who hopes the community will come out to “enjoy and cheer on these hardworking band students.”

The exhibition is free of charge, and open to the public. The Youngsville High School Band Boosters will be running a concession stand.

Lucks stressed that the success of the music program at each of the schools is because of the hard work of a number of people. Lucks said that she’s thankful to all the band students “for their desire to be a part of the band and their hard work, to the dedicated band instructors for their steady push, enthusiasm and hard work, and a huge thanks to all the Band Booster parents who are behind each band, helping with props, meals, last minute items needed, getting kids to and from practice, and everything in between.” Without each person who comes together to make the marching band at each school work, there would be no marching band, said Lucks, who said she wishes everyone the best of luck in the upcoming year.