Sentencing delayed for Pittsfield man in drug possession case

“When you’re tested after court today, Mr. Seybert, what’s going to be in your system?”

That was Judge Gregory Hammond’s first question to Tyler J. Seybert, 20, of Pittsfield, when he stood before the judge to be sentenced on three separate dockets Friday morning.

Seybert’s charges included possession of a controlled substance, criminal conspiracy (possession with intent to deliver), DUI: combined alcohol and drug or combination of drugs second offense, and careless driving. After establishing that Seybert understood his post-sentence rights as they’d been read to him at the beginning of proceedings, Hammond asked what drugs would be in his system if he were given a drug test.

“Opiates and marijuana,” Seybert’s said, after which he was taken for a drug test.

After sentencing the day’s remaining defendants, Seybert was called forward for the results of his drug test, which indicated that Seybert had indeed tested positive for THC (the active metabolite of marijuana) and a small amount of opiates, but also for Suboxone and methamphetamine.

“What’s the commonwealth’s position on proceeding today or revoking Mr. Seybert’s bail and sentencing him next week so that we can be a little more sure he understands his sentence,” Hammond asked Assistant District Attorney Kord Kinney. Kinney indicated that the Commonwealth’s position would be to ask Hammond to revoke Seybert’s bail.

“Your honor, when I spoke to him, he seemed to understand, so we would ask for his sentence today,” said defense counsel Alan Conn.

“I’m not going to sentence in light of the drugs in his system,” Hammond concluded, adding that he didn’t “know why this would cause any concern, as it’s going to be a rather lengthy incarceration sentence one way or the other.”

Seybert was remanded to the Warren County Jail to await sentencing next week.