Lowe’s donates tools to School Resource Officers

Times Observer photo by Stacey Gross Josh Federoski, Buddy Colley, Charles Fetzek, and Tyler Wagner

School Resource Offices in Warren County got some tools of the trade on Wednesday.

The district has two School Resource Officers – Josh Federoski and Tyler Wagner. The two of them make regular appearances at all district schools, and their overall job involves a lot of rapport building, Federoski said. While they are there to deal with interpersonal issues between students, lend a hand when guidance is needed, and help to deter and manage risks to students and faculty from inside and outside whichever building they’re in, the SROs are there to get students comfortable with law enforcement officers.

That being said, according to Federoski, there is always the possibility that the worst could happen. And with active intruder trainings happening regularly for students, faculty, and law enforcement alike, Federoski said he wanted to ensure that the SROs were as prepared as they could be to take on any potential threats.

Hoping to get some tools that they could add to their arsenal, Federoski said he reached out to Buddy Colley at Lowes in Warren hoping that the store would be willing to donate some tools to the cause.

Colley was happy to oblige.

In all, Lowes donated a set of chains, a grinder, and an assortment of breaching tools, including crowbars, a sledgehammer, bolt cutters, and a steel wedge. With SROs in the district starting their second year of school, said Federoski, they’ll be going in on the first day even more prepared thanks to Colley’s donation.

“Now we have the tools, so if anything ever were to happen,” said Federoski, “we’re just increasing our preparedness.”