Ike water tests clear, school is on

The word is “good to go.”

The water pump problem at Eisenhower has been resolved to a point where school will be held as scheduled on Wednesday.

After a pump failed late last week, that pump had to be repaired and the system cleaned.

After the 2,000-gallon water tank was emptied, it was cleaned of deposits by Environmental Remediation and Recovery of Edinboro.

A “superchlorinated” solution was then used to sanitize the tank.

But, that chlorine could not be emptied into the school’s sewer system without killing the necessary bacteria.

So, the tank was drained without using the sewer system and refilled.

A test of that water was sent out to make sure the amount of chlorine was within acceptable levels.

That test came back Tuesday afternoon and Superintendent Amy Stewart said the system was “good to go” for school.

The Eisenhower K12 school will have water for flushing and washing.

District officials knew they should not expect the system to be ready for drinking water. “We will be using bottled water for drinking and cooking,” Stewart said.

The result of the test did not matter throughout the rest of the district.

“School will be in session at all other schools,” Stewart said prior to the release of the final test results.

Stewart said the district’s call blast system would be used to notify all parents in the northern attendance area that school will be in session.