Dilapidated building demolished this week

Photo submitted for publication This structure at 908 Pennsylvania East was demolished on Thursday afternoon. City Department of Public Works crews will haul away the debris and restore the site in the coming weeks.

A structure on Warren’s east side — owned by the City of Warren Redevelopment Authority — was demolished this week.

The RDA decided last month to demolish the structure at 908 Pennsylvania Ave. E.

“It has been on the market for some time with RealLiving,” Terry Williams, the city’s director of codes, permitting and recreation services told the RDA in July. “There has not been any significant or serious interest.”

She told the RDA that the Department of Public Works had to remove the back deck.

“It was extremely unstable,” she said, noting that there are other “significant property maintenance issues. We have had complaints from the neighborhood and they are legitimate complaints.”

Code Official Ken Hinton outlined those property maintenance issues – no front steps, “no public utilities which makes it uninhabitable” and doors that aren’t secure.

“There have been people in there,” he said. “Police have responded.

“We’re going to have to write a service request and notice of violation to the RDA.”

Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz told the Times Observer on Thursday that the property was torn down in the afternoon.

“What we did was we hired a local contractor to knock it down with a large excavator,” he said, indicating that city crews will work to dispose of the structure now that it’s been knocked down.

He said that approach will “help do it more cost effectively” and added that it will take about a week to clean up followed by another week or two to restore the site.