Commissioners moving to extend Bike-Hike Trail closer to New York

The Warren County Commissioners took the first of many steps in an initiative to expand the Warren Bike/Hike Trail up to the New York state line.

Commissioner Ben Kafferlin said the county is “trying an effort to revitalize and expand that project further.”

The Commissioners action approved Right-of-Way agreements with Robert Ekey and someone acting on behalf of Barb Ekey for $1 annually.

“This is something (County Planner) Dan (Glotz) has been working on for quite a while,” Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said. Citing the New York line as the “original intent,” he said that officials have “tried to get this particular agreement for quite a while.”

Eggleston said he is hoping for “lot of progress… once this is done.”

Glotz agreed with the assessment of this agreement as the first step.

“What we’re going to need to do now (is to) begin the process of applying for the funding and the permitting process,” he said, noting that permits from multiple agencies would be needed.

He said that continuing the trail to New York is “what we’re like to do” but is “not going to be the easiest thing. We can’t stick exclusively to the railroad bed. Some of it has reverted to private owners.

But, he noted, “we have options out there when we get to that point.”